Clean Solutions For Lower-Cost Power

The high cost of electricity is crippling the income statements of Hotels, Hospitals, Apartment Buildings Senior-Living Facilities and Manufacturers in certain regions of the United States.

A Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system is the most effective remedy for this unfortunate circumstance.

What is CHP?

Combined Heat & Power is an economically advantageous system capturing the waste-heat created by power generation to lower the consumption of natural gas used to produce hot water, hot-air, or even chilled water.


No-Cost, Turn-Key Solutions

Start saving up to 20% on energy costs immediately. NOVAE will own, install, operate and maintain a CHP system custom-engineered for your facility. Per the terms of a NOVAE Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) your facility will receive a portion of its electrical and thermal energy requirements from NOVAE upon installation and startup.

Our monthly invoice for the reduced-cost energy will include a Savings Statement illustrating the difference in cost versus the displaced conventional utility supply.

Containerized, sound-attenuated CHP units generate electricity. The heat produced by the unit is captured as thermal energy, and used to reduce the natural gas costs of host facilities.


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